Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Our awesome board of directors works tirelessly for the future of the Neutral Zone. Since we’re a teen center, teens play a prominent role in the decision making process. Their names are marked with an asterisk.

Lori Bennett, President
Chris White, Vice President
Clarence Collins*, Secretary
Amanda Borsuk, Treasurer
Lori Roddy, Executive Director

William Beuche
Martha Bloom
Dianne Curry
Chloe DiBlassio*
Jonah Eichner*
Chris Ferrell
Kathy Falkner
James Goebel
Ellie Gutman*
Jennifer Haines
Jamal Harding*
Kaye Hoffmeyer*
Gina Liu*
Daniel Mahoney
Bess Markel*
Laila Pasha*
Elaine Pomeranz
Adrian Ohmer
Adam Ruff*
Zaphra Stupple*
Mattea Turenne*
Joe Upton
Timothy Veeser
Jade Wang*
Noah Weiner*
Roger Williams

Charlie Waterhouse – Past President

*teen board member