freNZ is a fun, highly engaged group of youngfreNZ sponsors Vintage Hollywood a fundraiser for the Neutral Zone. professionals that cultivates and fosters engagement of peers to contribute to the NZ with time, skills, and donations.

Some facts about freNZ

How many freNZ are there?

What is the age range of freNZ?
We’re “young professionals”…

Where do freNZ live?
In Ann Arbor and surrounding cities throughout Washtenaw County.

Where do freNZ work?
Public, private, and non-profit organizations  and businesses.

Why is freNZ important?
freNZ helps the Neutral Zone, which like all non-profits, can use more financial and volunteer support. freNZ also provides younger adults in the area an opportunity to meet and work with their peers in fun, social settings. It also allows a new generation of Ann Arbor area citizens to serve and get to know their community.

For more information about freNZ contact:

Neutral Zone’s Development Director, Amy Milligan
Phone: 734-214-9995

Find us on Facebook: