Press Release

Press Release


Date:  October 2, 2017


Background of the Incident: 

We are troubled by recent incidents at the Blake Transit Center including the police arresting and giving trespassing tickets to several Neutral Zone teens, all now have limited access from riding the AATA buses for a year.  We are concerned about the level of force, the targeting of black teens, and the fear that our teens have in accessing public transportation.


Response to the Incident: 

Neutral Zone believes any inappropriate use of police power against black teens is unacceptable.  As an organization, we will stand by our teens to support them to be civically engaged citizens.  We are committed to helping our entire community address this issue.


Our Goal and Objectives: 

Our goal is to promote fairness and ensure that everyone has access to the Blake Transit Center which is critical to teens at our center.

Neutral Zone is committed to the following:

  • Educating our teens to know and advocate for their rights when interacting with police.
  • Advocating with administrators and officials to lift bans that prevent our teens from using the AATA.
  • Working with teens and the broader community to participate in creating a safer climate at the Blake Transit Center.



Contact Information:

Lori Roddy, Executive Director / 734-214-9995