Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Our awesome board of directors works tirelessly for the future of the Neutral Zone. Since we’re a teen center, teens play a prominent role in the decision making process. Their names are marked with an asterisk.

Charles Waterhouse, President
Omari Rush, Vice President
Alex Atkinson*, Co-Secretary
Eva Rosenfeld*, Co-Secretary
Christina Kim, Treasurer
John K. Weiss, Executive Director

Jazmayn Armstead*
Illyana Balde*
Jose A. Bauermeister
William Beuche
Carson Borbely*
Clara Kaul*
Matt Epperson*
Kathy Falkner
Alice Held*
Debbie Herbert
Micah Johnson-Levy*
Phil Lineer
Fran Loosen
Frances MacKercher*
Daniel Mahoney
Sally Petersen
Praveena J. Ramaswami
Marnie Reid
William Ross*
Isaac Scobey-Thal*
Ali Shahin*
Bea Swedlow
Linh Song
Janet Weiss

Tara Mahoney, Past President

*teen board member