The Orpheum Recording Studio


The Orpheum is a professional recording studio as well as a program at the Neutral Zone to teach audio engineering to high school teens.  Staffed by a group of  high school students, with the support of two Neutral Zone staff members. Between them, they manage the scheduling, the budget, marketing, and communications with clients. In addition to managing the business side of the studio, the teens are also engineers. Each youth engineer receives ongoing advanced training in recording digital audio.

The Orpheum has two goals:

The Orpheum’s goals are to create high-quality audio recordings for youth and the general public, and to develop and engage youth in entrepreneurship and technical skills. Because of these two goals, the studio rates have been divided as follows: $30 an hour for high-school aged youth, and $40 an hour for non high-school aged youth.





Orpheum Audio & Video Recording Packages

Neutral Zone’s Orpheum Recording Studio produces studio quality results for clients who need recordings of musical performances for college applications, auditions for special programs or fine arts portfolios. Siply book an available session, then show up to play. Our studio engineers will do the rest. We deliver a portfolio piece you will be proud to share.

Base Package: $200 (Base package price includes a three hour recording session, three hours of editing/video rendering, and one revision.)
Additional Time: $40/hr (Additional time applies to recording, video, or editing services.)

Reserve a recording session online at or call (734) 214-9995 ext. 229.

Audition Booking Sessions
Saturdays: 10am-1pm, and 2-5pm
Sundays: 12-3pm, and 4-7pm (We give audition bookings priority from August – December.)


How much studio time do I need to make a recording?
We designed the package using our experience working with clients who were submitting videos for orchestra auditions and fine arts programs. The 6 hours included in the package rate is the average amount of studio time used to record and edit 2-3 showcase pieces of average length (concerto movements, solo repertoire, etc).


How will I get my recordings?
Files will be delivered digitally in your specified format. Backup hard copies are available on request.

What is The Orpheum?
The Orpheum is an all-ages youth run recording studio housed in the Neutral Zone, Ann Arbor’s Teen Center.



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