Youth Driven in Kalamazoo: Kalamazoo County Youth Council

Meet Doreisha Reed: high school student, project coordinator, future performer and foreign delegate. As a member of the Kalamazoo County Youth Cabinet (KCYC) in Kalamazoo Michigan, Doreisha is working to make a difference in her community. KCYC is… Read More

Giving Permission: The First Step to Youth Empowerment

While visiting one of our partner schools in Detroit I had a small epiphany.   The group is starting a student advisory, a group of students who are undertaking projects and initiatives of their own choosing, to help support… Read More

Giving Students Voice in School Reform

High School is a place where many teens feel like their voices are not heard. Because of the vast academic requirements placed on schools, and teachers in particular — many feel like they simply don’t have the time… Read More

Eye of the King – Reflections from a teen on MLK

Being youth-driven, it only makes sense to let teens have a voice on the “youth-driven spaces” blog.  The excerpt below is from an incredible student leader in Benton Harbor Michigan.  Carlos Henderson is one of a group of… Read More

Keeping it Real by Letting Teens Really Lead

Below is an excerpt from an upcoming book about Neutral Zone entitled “Not your high school cafeteria” published by teens at Red Beard Press.  Available here in March. Chapter 2:  For Teens By Teens: Keeping it Real by… Read More

YDS in the News!

Check out YDS in the News! Youth Today, July 2014. Youth Today article on YDS MASA Leader (Michigan Association of School Administrators) “Engaging Students in Meaningful Roles to Support School Reform” –  Winter 2014.   MASA Article on YDS in… Read More