Code Switching: The Trouble in Communicating Youth Development Outcomes

At a recent convening of our Music and Youth Development Alliance (MYDA) members I revealed that I “code switch” when talking about youth development outcomes.   I admitted that, depending on the (external) audience I am communicating with, I… Read More

Talk Differently: Youth Development vs. Education

“You talk differently to students than we do”. This is what a teacher recently told one of my Neutral Zone colleagues who was visiting their school in preparation for our student engagement work. I mused reflecting on this… Read More

Neutral Zone – A Youth Driven “Discourse” Community

Being youth-driven, we let teens have a voice on the “youth-driven spaces” blog.  I am proud to share this week’s blog with a teen I am exceptionally close with, my son Myles.  Myles was an active teen at… Read More

Music as a Critical Tool for Youth Development

I still remember the scene vividly, even though it was almost 10 years ago. I popped in on Elliot, Neutral Zone’s Studio Manager, while he was mentoring a teen in sound engineering. He was explaining how the studio… Read More