Orpheum Open Studio Time

Orpheum Open Studio Time

Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30 – 7 p.m.; and Friday, 4 – 6 p.m.

Contact: Veniece Sessions

The Orpheum Program is an all-ages, youth-driven recording studio housed in the Neutral Zone.  Need to get a demo or CD made?  Start your SoundCloud?  Sign up in advance online or in person for one hour of free studio time.  The easiest way to get your music recorded.

We are also the Ann Arbor area’s most affordable, professional-quality recording studio. PLUS, you are supporting local up-and-coming music artists. If you are interested in booking time or finding out more on how to purchase studio time, please click here!

To hear some past musician who have recorded, check out our Sound Cloud.  https://soundcloud.com/the-orpheum-studio/

Music has been bringing people together at the Neutral Zone since its inception in 1998. After building a stage and small recording booth in 2001, Neutral Zone teens started their own record label and promotion company. That label, Youth Owned Records, became the first youth-run record label in the country.

A brief history

When Neutral Zone moved into the heart of Downtown Ann Arbor, the new building provided the perfect opportunity for staff and youth to start a new business venture. This new venture promised to both serve the community, and support Neutral Zone’s mission. Included within the new building’s capacity, was the opportunity to build a fully functioning recording studio.

After researching the idea, a business plan was created. Investors were solicited to upgrade equipment and contract acoustic renovations. The finished product was a multi-room fully integrated recording suite, elevating the studio from one room to a multi-purpose professional space. Following the completion of the renovations, THE ORPHEUM was launched, and stands today as one of the only not-for-profit recording studios in the country.