Youth Driven Spaces Inaugural Conference

Youth Driven Spaces Inaugural Conference

Attend the Youth Driven Spaces (YDS) 2017 Inaugural Conference!

This conference will initiate the development of a formal movement of YDS programs and agencies to sustain and enhance program quality and YDS practices. It will also offer a platform for YDS programs to share practices and project successes and plan ways to collaborate across agencies.

Conference components include:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Youth-led break out sessions to hear what other agencies are doing to increase youth voice and leadership within their settings
  •  A creative digital storytelling exercise to capture the importance of after school programming as a mode of increasing youth voice, leadership and engagement across the state of Michigan
  • A world cafe to discuss sustaining leadership, funding and youth voice to bolster YDS throughout Michigan and beyond.

This conference is for YOUTH and ADULTS. Agencies are expected to register a team of youth and adults in order to participate!