Youth Driven Spaces

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Are you a community program that serves youth? A school that craves more student input and buy-in? A teen who wants more opportunities to lead and follow your passions?  We’re here to help you realize those goals.The Youth Driven Space (YDS) project is designed to support out-of–school-time (OST) and school-based programs that serve teens.

The Youth Driven Space (YDS) project believes youth thrive when they have a voice and engage in genuine decision making. We empower youth by supporting organizations to develop new practices that lead to a culture of youth and adult partnerships.

Youth-driven programs:

  • Increase youth engagement
  • Develop 21st Century & socio-emotional learning skills
  • Support higher-quality programs
  • Prepare young people for roles in civic engagement

Read on to see how your organization can become part of the YDS invasion!